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Urban Baby  Art is An art Studio Which exhibits and enhances The Art Work of the Creating Artist.

We are Artists Ourselves with the ability to extend the beauty of an already Perfect Work of Art.

With the Gift of Creativity and Experience We will Compliment every Artist We have The Pleasure of Meeting.

With A Shared Joy Of Making Reborn Families Happy with Their  Special  Little Bundle  Of Love.

Thank You For Visiting Our Wonderful World Of

 Reborn Gives Life.

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Familiar Questions We Have


What are the babies made of ?

Answer: Platinum Silicone

Are Their Mouths open? 

Answer : Yes ready for a Pacifier or Bottle.

Can I Bath My Baby?

Answer Yes, With warm Water, Pat  Dry

and you may Powder them.

What if my baby has hair, can i wash it?

Answer : Yes with warm water only, never cold water it will matt up, no rough brushing. Lightly with a soft tooth


What is my babies hair made of?

Answer : Mohair ,which is a wool product from sheep, which is hand rooted by the Artist.